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What to expect

Newman Windows & Doors wants their customers to be fully prepared for their project long before crews arrive. Window and door replacement is in fact major construction. The exterior walls of your home are being opened and exposed to properly replace bucking,  waterproof and install your new impact product- this is going to be loud, dusty but so worth it in the end. Know exactly what to expect before during and after installation. 



Congratulations! You have now signed your contract and Newman Windows & Doors staff is hard at work getting your project kicked off. Click to learn more about the items you will need to complete, in order to keep your project on track. 


Before we arrive for installation please be sure to remove any items from in or around the openings we will be working on. Sorry, we are not responsible for moving furniture or removing window treatments but these must be out of the way in order for us to begin installation on time. If you have any questions regarding what to do before installation, please do not hesitate to call our office at 561-640-1092


During your installation, you may have several inspections depending on your municipality. Your crew leader will handle all communication with the inspector and our office. A project manager will visit your job at least once during the installation, he is there to ensure a smooth process. Please be patient during your installation, each opening may look incomplete until the final days of installation. The final days, finish work takes place making your installation look seamless. You will be left with some items the last day of installation- you will be given the permit, screw covers and the stickers will need to remain on the windows.  Once you have passed your final inspection, we will return for final service. We will remove the stickers from the windows and install the screw covers. 

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Your installation is now complete, the crews are leaving your house. Hang in there! We still have a few more steps to go before our job is fully complete. Inspection and Final Service are just a few items we need to check off your list. Our office will be here to guide you until the end. See the attached post installation timeline by clicking the learn more button. 

extend the life
of your product

After your installation is complete you will want to make sure to visit our care and maintenance tab to learn how to properly care for your product over the lifetime of your new windows and doors. 

Did you know caulking doesn't last forever ?

We use the best exterior caulking on the market (it even has its own NOA) but nothing lasts forever. In our Florida climate, you will want to re-caulk your windows every 4-6 years. This is a must to keep water out. 

How will I know my caulking needs to be redone? If you see pinholes, cracking or shrinkage, you will want to re-caulk those openings. 

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