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Do you sell non-impact windows as well as impact?

Yes. Most of the product we sell and install is impact but we do offer non-impact windows as well.

If something hits my impact-resistant glass, will it break?

If struck, the impact-resistant glass can break, but it is designed to remain in the frame.

Will windows and doors leak in a hurricane?

Not necessarily; however, wind speed, duration, direction, rain volume and other natural phenomena that accompany a storm all contribute to and increase the possibility of leaks.

Why does water leak through my product when I spray it with a garden hose

Most operable windows and doors are designed to withstand up to a certain amount of water pressure, measure in pounds per square foot (psf) or pounds per square inch (psi). A typical garden hose sprays water at approximately 30-60 psi and a typical pressure washer sprays water at 1200+ psi.

Why does water get into the track of my Sliding Glass Door or windows during a rain storm? Is something wrong with my product?

It is normal for water to be present in the track of sliding glass door or windows during a storm, especially if it is a windy storm.

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