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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Newman Windows fabricate their own windows?

Newman Windows and Doors does not fabricate or manufacture windows or doors.

Will there be a mess left behind?

Not with Newman Windows and Doors, you can expect us to take a great deal of time setting up walkway covers and dust barriers when we are in your home.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. Wells Fargo has been helping our customers with all their window financing needs.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. Because new windows can be costly we have many customers wanting to pay with a credit card.

If I have an alarm system will it still work after my installation is complete?

When we take final measurements of your home a representative will ask you if you want to keep your existing alarm system. Some of our customers choose to upgrade their systems to wireless and some choose to keep their current wired alarms.

Do I have to get a permit?

Newman Windows and Doors pulls a permit for each job that we install.

Can I buy windows and doors from you and install them myself?

Yes. You or your general contractor can provide our sales team with specific measurements of the windows and doors of your choice.

What window and door brands do you sell?

Our top manufacturers include PGT, WinDoor, and CGI.

Do you hire subcontractors?

No. All of our installations are done by our own trained and certified employees.

Why choose a BBB accredited business?

Being accredited by the Better Business Bureau means the BBB has determined that they meet accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good-faith effort to resolve any consumer issues.

Can I have an inswing front door?

Yes. We install both inswing and outswing front doors. This is the preference of the customer.

Do you sell non-impact windows as well as impact?

Yes. Most of the product we sell and install is impact but we do offer non-impact windows as well.

How can windows and doors affect the structural integrity of my home?

A broken window or ineffective door during a strong tropical storm, hurricane, or tornado can cause a great difference in the inside vs. outside air pressure.

Do impact windows and doors qualify me for insurance savings?

Yes, the Citizens Property Insurance Corporation assigns discounts for impact-resistant windows and doors, provided that all of the home's openings are protected.

What is the difference between impact and non-impact (standard) windows and doors?

The four main differences between impact windows and non-impact windows are cost, appearance, convenience and obligation of time.

What happens to my old windows, doors and screens?

We remove and discard all of your old windows, doors and screens at our warehouse.

What is the cost of new windows and doors?

Purchasing new windows and doors is a custom job. Price will vary and depends on many different factors like size, style and upgrades.

What are the benefits of purchasing impact windows and doors for my home?

Impact windows and doors have many benefits, including hurricane protection, insurance savings, and energy efficiency.

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