Impact Resistant Windows

Window replacement in Palm Beach and all of South Florida from Newman Windows. Nothing can add value and comfort like impact glass windows. Not only will the inside look better but the outside as well. Save on all your cooling bills by installing today's more economical energy saving windows.

Hurricane and storm damage can be minimized with hurricane impact windows. Many of Florida's homes need shutters and protective systems installed every time a real threat of hurricane is near. Impact glass needs no shutters or protective covers to undergo a harsh weather experience and add beauty with energy saving like never before.

Windows and entryways are all we do at Newman's. Unlike our competitors that may also be sealcoating someone's driveway the next day, we at Newman's take great pride in doing one thing right versus so many things lackluster.

Advantages of Impact Resistant Glass


Impact resistant glass has many advantages over standard glass. While the initial cost is higher, the benefits should be considered a long term investment in your improving your home.

  • Your home's resale value will be much higher. This allows the average house to recuperate almost 75% of the initial cost to install residential impact glass.
  • Your home is far more secure. Breaking impact glass is extremely challenging and would require some serious tools and the process would be extremely loud.
  • Impact resistant glass absorbs sound. This will make your home much quieter by eliminating outside noises.
  • The biggest advantage is safety and security from hurricanes. Impact resistant glass will protect your home from dangerous storms, without the need to install shutters.

If you are just considering standard, non-impact resistant windows, Newman Windows & Doors encourages you to get a quote for impact resistant glass as well. Furthermore, check with your insurance agent; you may have additional savings on your homeowners policy premium with impact resistant glass.

Residential impact glass has the ability to provide you and your home with a level of peace of mind you never deemed possible. Unlike standard glass, residential impact resistant glass comes with a laminated interlayer bonded between to panes of glass, typically made of polyvinyl butyral or ethylene vinyl acetate. This exterior layer of protection prevents your glass from breaking into large, sharp pieces after an impact. As a safety net for you and the property in your home, the impact resistant glass will remain bonded in the unlikely event it is ever broken.